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Active 2009

 August 20-22 (Ottwa,Ont.Canada)



  August 23-28 (Ottawa,Ont. Canada)...www.internoise2009.com


158th Meeting ASA(Acoustical Society of America)

 October 26-30 (San Antonio,Texas,USA)...www.asa.aip.org


35th Annual Hearing Conservation Conference of the NHCA

February 25-27, 2010 (Orlando,Florida,USA) ...www.hearingconservation.org


22nd Annual American Academy of Audiology Convention and Exposition

April 14-17,2010 (San Diego,Califonia,USA)


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I write not to exonerate Weiner from his moral dilemna, but merely to put some light on the big problem behind the metaphorical Zipper, always managing to escape and embarass the best of us males in the worst way.
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Eldridge Cleaver, from Jet Magazine, 1978.
Of late, designers Isabel Mastache has resurrected the idea of Penis Pants showing a new expression of the idea in her 2010 Fall/Winter Collection. Bad Ideas don't die they just get recycled.
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sister, a fellow American, another child of God." It does make my eyes water, the way it does when I see that Michael Jackson brother talking about starting a charity for "the poor orphan children."
Cleaver, at the height of his transformation in exile in Paris, took his role as a purveyor of fashion seriously, creating the daring and revealing "Penis Pants." Is this creation, he seemed to be shouting to male leadership, "Penises of the world Unite, let it all hang out!"
To make this fashion manifesto from the City of Love was all the more powerful, if indeed silly. His pants were an atack on everyone's favorite targets, Homosexual Fashion Designers. Well favorite after, blacks, Roma, Jews, Algerians, Greeks, Germans, rednecks and whatever your prejudicial flavor.
Of his design and this blow against homosexual influence in the fashion industry Cleaver said:
"Who controls our clothing? If you notice, the clothing industry is dominated by homosexuals. They want men and women to look basically the same.

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The special teams play of Kicker Dan Bailey wasnt stellar but for a good part of the game, he was the source of our lead and chance we had of winning that we held up until the beginning of the 4th quarter.
If Arizona goes the route of guys around the league already, the price might have gone up just a tad because of simple supply and demand. No Vick means less supply. Of course, with Philly standing pat at QB, the demand has gone down a bit as well, too.
This team won five games last season, and if they were to match that again this year many fans would be horribly discouraged and some fans probably would be expecting it. There is a buzz among Cardinals' players and Cardinals' fans they feel excitement, but no one more than the defensive side. I feel this team is hungrier than ever and from reading and listening to player interviews you can feel the intensity in their voice. Fans realistically aren't thinking Super Bowl when they hear about their team, but they expect the Cardinals to be in that conversation soon within three years.
Manziel was offered a scholarship to Texas, the school he and every other person in the state grew up worshipping. However, Longhorns coach Mack Brown only offered him a scholarship as a defensive back. Kevin Sumlin offered Manziel a full ride to play quarterback at College Station, and the young star out of Kerrville took it.
Keep up with Cardinals news and opinions when you are not on the site. Follow Revenge of the Birds on Twitter at @revengeofbirds and "like" us on Facebook. You can follow me individually at @senorjessroot.
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